Openplanet plugin commissions

My commissions for Openplanet plugins are actually paused. Please keep an eye on this page if you’re looking to commission me, as I will be updating it periodically if I have open slots.


I will make a plugin for you. You just have to tell me what you’re looking for, and I will be able to advise on what’s possible, what’s impossible, or what requires extra effort. We’ll discuss the possibilities.

“Extra effort” usually means reverse engineering efforts. Please note that due to the amount of time and focus involved, if there’s a big amount of research required that it will be included in the price, even in a case where the plugin ends up being impossible to make. (For example, when it might require too much reverse engineering, or I can’t figure something out in a reasonable amount of time.) I will do my best to let you know beforehand if there’s a risk of that happening, though.


My general rate for plugins is ~20 EUR per hour, and can be adjusted depending on your project and/or budget. I will give you an estimate of (maximum) hours and a total price.

Payment is expected only after the plugin is finished and delivered. This is handled through PayPal. (Not through Github Sponsors!)


  • Finished plugins will be uploaded to the Openplanet website and on the Plugin Manager by default. If you don’t want this, or you want to organize something else, let me know.
  • After the plugin is finished, I will do basic maintenance when needed (if uploaded to the Openplanet website). I can not guarantee doing larger maintenance tasks without another commission.
  • Invoices may be tax deductible depending on your local tax laws.