ManiaExchange Randomizer got 2300 downloads!

Hi, I’m proud to announce that MXRandom for Openplanet just got more than 2000 downloads! Thanks you so much for using it!


To celebrate that, the plugin got updated to the version 1.4! It includes now a timer and automatic medals counter for the Random Map Challenge!

How it works ?

When you select the MXRandom on the ‘Scripts’ pannel, you will have now a Random Map Challenge button below the TMX Random button. It opens a new window having only two buttons, one for starting and another one for the help (the help button opens the RMC website).

When you click on the start button, it searches the first map directly. And when you’re on it, the timer starts directly, you will have the medals counter and the current map name and style.

You can hide the Openplanet overlay to not show the buttons.

When you got gold time, the skip button becomes “skip and take gold medal”, meaning that if you skip, it adds a gold medal and searches for another map.

When you got author time, it automatically returns to the menu, starts searching for another map and adds a author time on the menu. (you can disable automatic skip on the plugin’s settings)


Have fun on the next Random Map Challenges!

And if you enjoy the plugin! You can support the author!

Written on September 15, 2021 by Greep